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The Lautenberg center for immunology and cancer research


The Lautenberg Center students and staff are aiding the Hadassah clinical virology department with the coronavirus tests

SLAMF6 receptor is a novel potential target for the modulation of T cell anti-tumor activity!

In the study now published by Emma Hajaj, MD. PhD. student from Prof. Michal Lotems’ lab, the SLAMF6 receptor deficiency is crucial for the success of adoptive T cell therapy in mice, supporting the notion that SLAMF6 is an inhibitory immune receptor whose absence enables powerful CD8+ T cells to eradicate tumors.

Congratulations! Prof. Ofer Mandelboim for recieving the Rappaport Prize

The prize for an Established Researcher was  given to Ofer for his many works on how Natural Killer cells recognize viruses.


Congratulations to Prof. Yinon Ben-Neriah receiving the EMET prize