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  • Congratulations to Prof. Yinon Ben Neriah for receiving the EMET prize!

Congratulations to Prof. Rami Aqeilans' lab and Dr. Idit Hazan !

Aqeilans’ new paper now published in Cell Reports, Activation of Oncogenic Super-Enhancers Is Coupled with DNA Repair by RAD51, reviles a novel co-localization of RAD51 DNA repair mechanism and other transcription factors, leading to hyper-transcription of multiple cancer drivers.

Next departmental seminar:
Prof. Yaron Carmi

December 17th, 2019. 12:00 at hall Z, 3rd floor. 

Melanoma-secreted lysosomes trigger monocyte-derived dendritic cell apoptosis and limit cancer immunotherapy

The James Sivartsen Prize in Pediatric Cancer Research

The 10th and 2019 Prize was recieved by Dr. Waleed Minzel (formerly Prof. Ben-Neriah lab) and Dr. Asael Lubotzky.