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The Lautenberg center for immunology and cancer research


  • Congratulations to Prof. Yinon Ben Neriah for receiving the EMET prize!

The Israel Young Academy chooses Prof. Rami Aqeilan as a new member

Demonstrated excellence in his research fields and have contributed to society in the public arena, Prof. Rami Aqeilan was chosen to be among the 8 scientists to join the academy!

Happy New Year!
Shana Tova!

The Lautenberg Center wishes everyone a happy new year of תש”פ. 

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The James Sivartsen
Prize in Pediatric
Cancer Research

The 10th and 2019 Prize was recieved by Dr. Waleed Minzel (formerly Prof. Ben-Neriah lab) and Dr. Asael Lubotzky.