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The Lautenberg center for immunology and cancer research


  • Congratulations to Prof. Yinon Ben Neriah for receiving the EMET prize!

Congratulations to Prof. Rami Aqeilans' lab and Dr. Idit Hazan !

Aqeilans’ new paper now published in Cell Reports, Activation of Oncogenic Super-Enhancers Is Coupled with DNA Repair by RAD51, reviles a novel co-localization of RAD51 DNA repair mechanism and other transcription factors, leading to hyper-transcription of multiple cancer drivers.

Next departmental seminar:
Prof. Aladár A Szalay

November 12th, 2019. 12:00 at hall Z, 3rd floor. 

Autologous stem cells as oncolytic small pox vaccine carriers for immunotherapy of cancer in human patients


The James Sivartsen
Prize in Pediatric
Cancer Research

The 10th and 2019 Prize was recieved by Dr. Waleed Minzel (formerly Prof. Ben-Neriah lab) and Dr. Asael Lubotzky.