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Prof. Eli Pikarsky, Prof. Michal Baniyash, Dr. Oren Parnas and Dr. Micha Berger will be receiving the Personalized Medicine research grant!

Prof. Dana Wolf and Dr. Yotam Drier have led efforts to test and implement simple and sensitive pooling approaches to increase the efficiency of clinical testing for SAR-CoV-2.

 Thanks to these efforts the throughput of tests of asymptomatic populations at the Hadassah Medical Center increased more than 7-fold, allowing efficient screening of healthcare personnel and nursing homes. This approach can be easily implemented in other clinical labs and drew worldwide attention.

Studying SARS-CoV-2 at the Lautenberg Center

Dr. Oren Parnas and Dr. Yotam Drier collaborate and use their labs’ resources and advanced techniques to study the coronavirus tissue distribution during infection period, and to study the regulation of the human receptor that allows viral entry to cells. These may lead to novel detection and treatment approaches against SARS-CoV-2.

Prof Rami Aqeilan has published a new article article: Pleiotropic tumor suppressor functions of WWOX antagonize metastasis

In the article, Dr. Saleh Khawaled and Prof. Aqeilan show the role of the tumor suppressor WWOXs and its therapeutic potential in antagonize metastasis.