Accessibility statement

We strive to make the site accessible to the general public, including those with disabilities, so that continuous, clear and smooth browsing between the site’s components will be possible.
The company operates and promotes the issue of accessibility as defined in the accessibility legislation and accordingly we spared no effort to make the site accessible in a way that would allow adequate use even for people with disabilities. 

As part of making the site accessible, the following actions were performed on the site, among others:
A. Installing an accessibility plug that allows extensive control of many elements on the site
B. Navigation via keyboard
C. Increase and decrease fonts
D. Adaptation of the site for the color blind
E. Showing an alternative description for the pictures
F. Display magnification up to 200 percent
G. Adding an option for color contrast
H. The contents of the website are written in a simple and clear way

Accessibility has been tested on the browsers currently on the market, including Firefox, Explorer and Chrome.
We continue and will continue to make every effort to improve and update the accessibility components on the website to allow the entire population, including the disabled, to benefit optimally from the information on the website.

Despite all our efforts to make the website as accessible as possible, you may encounter some kind of accessibility problem. If you have encountered a problem that does not allow you to browse the site comfortably, you can contact us directly and we will accompany you personally while browsing the site and explain and present to you the information that you could not read or understand on the site.

The person in charge of accessibility in the company:
Moriya Sapir
Phone number: 050-8299744

Physical accessibility arrangements
The physical accessibility cracks with us are conducted according to the accessibility arrangements of the Hebrew University:

הסדרי הנגישות הפיזיים אצלנו מתנהלים עפי הסדרי הנגישות של האוניברסיטה העברית:

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