Congratulations to Prof. Michal Baniyash, Hadas Preiser, and Or Reuven on their recent paper published in Cancer Research Communications!

In the paper, The researchers present an illustrative model that unveils the pivotal role of MDSC-microbiota crosstalk in developing Colitis-Associated Cancer (CAC).
Attached is the abstract:
The intricate interplay of genetic and environmental factors can trigger chronic intestinal inflammation, accompanied by dysbiosis, and the activation and recruitment of Myeloid-Derived Suppressor Cells (MDSCs). This process results in disruptions to the intestinal epithelial barrier. MDSCs drawn to the inflamed site, interact with the invading altered microbiota, are further activated and experiencing a halt in differentiation towards beneficial myeloid cells, while becoming polarized into M2 macrophages. These events ultimately create an enhanced immunosuppressive environment, primarily exerting their effects through the inhibition of T cells and other immune effector cells. This orchestrated immunosuppressive milieu that fosters an environment conducive to tumor development.
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