Welcome to the Lautenberg Center for Immunology and Cancer Research.

The center combines basic immunology and cancer research, among other fields.

We are committed to providing state of the art infrastructure as well as a stimulating ambience to our scientists.

Although the specific research projects of each of our members differ quite significantly, the Center strives for a high degree of integration of its efforts. This is accomplished by a framework of constant interactions between the individual research teams including formal seminars, informal discussion groups, periodic research planning and data analysis meetings between different groups, and frequent policy meetings among the faculty members. One of the highlights of the Center’s activity is the annual three-day retreat where the Center’s researchers present their current studies for critical group evaluation, as well as other scheduled occasions for a steady exchange of ideas and information.

About Lautenberg Center for Immunology and Cancer Research

The Center stands at the hub of an international network of scientific endeavors. Many of its graduate students and post-doctoral fellows come from abroad. Senior scientists from other institutions are constant visitors at the Center, presenting lectures and participating in its research program for varying periods of time. All of the Center’s scientists are involved in collaborative research efforts with colleagues at Hadassah Medical Center, other hospitals and leading universities and research centers in Israel and of around the world. The Center’s members organize symposia and advanced training courses in Israel and abroad. We would emphasize that such international research connections are vital to the progress of science and medicine. The Center constantly employs these broad connections.

The scientific endeavors of the Center are on the level of basic, fundamental research. Nonetheless, we see before us the eventual clinical implications of our studies, and at the appropriate time provide the impetus for subsequent clinical investigations in conjunction with medical units in Israel and abroad.

We wish to take this opportunity to thank the many friends and benefactors of the Lautenberg Center, scientists and lay leaders alike. Your ongoing support is of utmost importance in guaranteeing the high quality of research performed by the Center’s scientific teams. We value this partnership and trust that it is of a mutual benefit.

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