The Lautenberg Center is distinguished in creating a partnership between its scientists and a group of benefactors who generously supported our research projects and educational activities over many years. We consider our lay supporters as being part of the Center’s team and welcome a fruitful crosstalk, which enriches our research endeavors.

The contribution of the following individuals and families is greatly appreciated (listed Alphabetically):


Bernard z”l and Frances Laterman                                         Mark Densen

Benjamin z”l and Ruth Perlmutter                                          Paul z”l and Sarah Densen

Bill z”l and Dana Schwartz                                                        Robert and Barbara Densen z”l

Concern Foundation                                                                 Tomas Infusino z”l

Derek Alpert                                                                               Wakefern-Shop Rite

Ellen Lautenberg

Elinor Rigolosi

Frank Lautenberg z”l

Matilda Benyesh-Melnick

Michael and Carol Kurtz

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